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The most simple, secure way for compliant art transactions on your phone

What can artpass ID do for me?

ID @username
SaaS & App based

A digital art life starts with a digital art ID. Your artpass ID is usable via your @username. No more sending your ID to numerous sellers and not knowing who is handling your sensitive information on the receiving end.


KYC and AML regulatory compliant with the 5th Anti-Money Laundering Directive.

Secure & Private
Personal Data

You control the data in your artpass ID and decide who has permission to retrieve your data prior to a transaction. You own your data!

Fast & Efficient

Data is stored encrypted, processes are friendly, secure, more efficient and take hardly any time.

How does it work?

Sign up or download the free artplus ID app and create your secure digital KYC & AML compliant identity in minutes.

  • 01. Secure your account

    Sign up with your email and confirm your phone number so we know you're in control of your phone. Set a password to keep people out of your account.

  • 02. Add your details

    Scan your ID document to add its details to your artpass ID. Your details are encrypted into unreadable data that only you can unlock and share.

  • 03. Prove it's you

    Take a quick 3D scan of your face with the camera of your mobile phone and artpass ID App to prove you're a real person.

  • 04. Take Off

    You are now ready to exchange your KYC and AML information in the most simple and secure way. You only disclose the bare minimum information without the need to physically sending your ID or passport to each party you transact with.

Ready to create your digital ID?

Discover what artpass ID can do for you during a 15 minutes introductory call or sign up for a free now.